Mystery potter #46: Jamie Beeston

'JB'. Cup and saucer 'JB'. Cup and saucer. Base

During our winter break, we are busy changing the exhibition. One whole wall will feature forms used to prepare and consume hot beverages. This cup and saucer with a finely crazed glaze comes from a set of six that is sure not to remain long on the shelf, so I thought I should try for an identification before they vanish to new owners. We bought them in 2005 and I had hoped that six years of collecting marks might have helped to  identify the signature – a painted ‘JB’ or perhaps ‘GB’ – but no.  The seller said they came from Ararat in Victoria, so that may help.


A reader has now sent me an image of a gallery label identifying this potter as Jamie Beeston, a potter active in Victoria in the 1980s, selling work at the Meat Market Craft Centre and Mariposa Gallery in Melbourne and the Hargreave Street Gallery in Castlemaine.



  1. Just got a plate today as it happens with the same, this time incised mark.
    blue plate - inscribed base GB?

  2. They are by James Beetson (or Beatson?). He used to sell his work through the Meat Market Craft Centre in Melbourne. He predominately did bowls, usually black or red with bright splashes of colour, but he did also do these green crackle cups and saucers. He gave up pottery in the late 80’s/early 90’s and from memory did a complete career change and studied law at Bond University. I worked in the craft shop at the MMCC, and this work was very popular. I would recognise it anywhere. Hope that helps.

    1. Hi Megan, thank you so much for this information! I haven’t been able to confirm the spelling of the name yet but it is good to know where this set comes from..

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