Stephen Fry

Known potter #32: Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry. Shino vase

Stephen Fry. Shino vase. Mark

This large (23 cm high) spherical stoneware vase with heavily ribbed body, short neck and shino glaze is signed on the base with an impressed ant.  This is the mark of the NSW potter Stephen Fry, who may also sign his works with a painted ‘SF’.

Fry trained at the Salisbury College of Advanced Education in South Australia. He was a resident potter at the Cransley Craft Centre in Campbelltown, NSW, before establishing his own workshop and teaching facilities at Couridjah, NSW. In 1981, approximately 30 people were using the Couridjah Pottery facilities. In 1985, Fry had recently worked in Japan, exchanging a studio and getting a chance to use a Bizen kiln.

This information all comes from Fry’s entries in the 1981 and 1985/1986 potters’ directories. As far as I can see, he has no other presence in the published literature or on the Internet. (It is a little hard to tell, because of the other Stephen Fry.)

When listing items in our online shop, I have been creating entries for each maker. The software I use lets me add a link to more information about the maker. I’ve taken advantage of this feature to link through to my Delicious bookmarks.

For known potters who don’t have much of a web presence, I’ve started to add tag descriptions in delicious, so that I can let users of the online shop know a little bit more about the maker than might be discoverable on the Internet. I can usually find at least one web page which I can tag with the potter’s name, and this then lets me create the tag description.

In the case of Stephen Fry, I must admit to being stumped. I can find no web page or Libraries Australia entry that I can tag with his name.  As a last resort, while it may seem circular, this blog entry can be bookmarked, hence I have created it just for this purpose.

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