Janet Mansfield

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Here are the biographies I’ve added to our online catalogue since November:

Elsa Ardern. Selection of pots made at Kalaru, NSW

Elsa Ardern. Selection of pots made at Kalaroo

The Elsa Ardern biography is not new, but has been substantially updated with information provided to me by her son Gray. I hadn’t been aware that she shared her time between workshops in Tathra and Warrandyte for many years. Here is a picture Gray sent me of pots she fired in the Stafford Brothers’ wood-fired brick-kiln at Kalaroo.


More on sources

Pottery in Australia, Vol. 40, #3, 2001

In the fortieth anniversary issue of Pottery in Australia (Vol. 40, #3, 2001) there is a series of articles on the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and Nineties that surveys major trends in Australian pottery since 1962, when the journal was first published. The authors are Frances Morgan and Karen Weiss.

A small book simply called Pottery by Janet Mansfield (Sydney : Fontana/Collins, 1986) gives a really interesting overview of what it was like to make a living as a potter in the mid 1980s through interviews with a number of practising potters.

Janet Mansfield is one of Australia’s master potters. She edited Pottery in Australia from 1976-1990 and now edits Ceramics: Art and Perception. This is an international journal and, like Craft Arts International, which is also published in Australia, reflects the surprising prominence Australia plays as a producer of arts and crafts in the global arena.

In 2004 the Melbourne gallery Skepsi on Swanston held an exhibition called Celebrating the Master. The published exhibition catalogue shows a good selection of the work of “renowned Australian ceramists” and also publishes a picture of their marks.