Robin Best

Mystery potter #7: Rhonda Boehm

RB. Spherical vase SB. Spherical vase. Mark

This small spherical vase with short collared neck has a dark red glaze allowed to drip thickly at the base leaving the clay partially exposed. On one side is a circular decorative panel with a crackled ivory glaze and soft floral motifs in the same dark red colour. The vase is clearly stamped with the potter’s monogram, which looks like a reversed “R” sharing a stem with the letter “B”.

A large number of potters have the initials “RB”. All I can say with confidence is that this is not the signature I have recorded for Rick Ball, Robert Barron, Rolf Bartz, Robert Beck, Robin Best or Richard Brooks.

Monograms are often hard to read and I’m still not certain this says “RB”.


A fellow collector has let me know that this is the mark of the South Australian potter Rhonda Boehm.  She is briefly mentioned in Pottery in Australia, 25/4(1984): 60 as a member of the Potters’ Guild of SA, specialising in coloured clay slips and dry glazes over carved white clay.  There is a picture of a stoneware vase in this style in Norris Ioannou’s Ceramics in South Australia 1836-1986, p. 287, incised ‘Boehm’.  She also produced work under her maiden name Rhonda Longbottom, using an impressed ‘RL’ mark, with the R inside the L.