Kevin Boyd

Known potter #9: Kevin Boyd

Kevin Boyd. Pair of lidded pots

This pair of earthenware lidded containers with slip-trailed decoration was made by the Victorian potter Kevin Boyd. In June 1989 he exhibited a series of “faintly Islamic” whimsical ‘blush’ pots that sound very similar although not illustrated in the exhibition review (Helen Young, “Precious little – Victorian Ceramic Group”, Pottery in Australia, 28(4), Dec 1989, p.64).

Boyd’s entry in Potters Online tells us that he is currently based in Surrey Hills, Melbourne. He graduated from the Bendigo College of Advanced Education with a Diploma of Art (Ceramics) in 1977 (Missing Alumni: Bendigo Campus 1977-1979) and has been teaching and making pottery for thirty-two years.

In recent years he has been exploring Raku Nu. This is a technique that uses slip as a separating layer between the burnished bisque-fired pot and the raku glaze. The glaze cracks on firing and the cracks are coloured by smoke in a reduction chamber. The slip is then scraped away, leaving a naked black and white surface. He exhibited a number of large pieces in this style at the pottery expo at Gapstead in 2006.

Kevin Boyd. Mark. Kevin Boyd. Mark

Boyd inscribes his work ‘Kevin Boyd’ and also uses an impressed stamp with his full name and a five petal flower motif on functional ware. Novice eBay sellers sometimes mistake him for a member of the famous Boyd family but I am not aware of any connection.