Known potter #46: me

Pots by me

Pots by me

I promised to post a picture of the pots I made at the handbuilding class I attended in the Autumn. Here they are, looking somewhat more interesting than they really are with a bit of Photoshop help. I am actually quite proud of the jug. Jenny Mein pulled the handle, but the rest (all 4 kilos of it) is my work. I think of it as my platonic jug – not the perfect archetype – none of us can achieve that! – but as close to the imperfect copy as you can get. I can’t wait now to do the wheel-throwing course in November!


  1. Very well done, Judith, especially for a first turn out. I’ve been given much worse by friends well into their courses. The jug really stands out!

  2. Known potter Judith, this will spark a frenzied research phase in 2099, which pottery researchers
    suspecting a significant stylistic trend change at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century.
    Better prepare detailed documentation and explanations now.

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