R. Hooper

Mystery potter #24: R. Hooper

R. Hooper. Vase. 1966

This handbuilt earthenware vase has an ovoid base from which the rounded body swells, giving it a definite front and back. The  long tapered neck ends in a slightly flared mouth. The high-gloss ivory glaze with fine craquelature is offset by a dark green hand-painted line around the mouth and double circles on both sides containing an abstract foliate design.

The vase is quite tall – 27 cm high. Although it has the form and delicacy of a bud vase, it is a substantial piece, well-balanced on its flat base, with the narrow neck appropriately muscular where it rises from the body.

R. Hooper. Vase. 1966.  Mark

The glaze covers the base in the style of studio pottery from an earlier period, and underneath the glaze the potter has inscribed a name and date – ‘R. Hooper 1966’.

This is the only piece by this potter that I’ve seen but it has a professional feel and I suspect that more examples will turn up over time.  We bought it on eBay from a South Australian seller. I have checked all the usual sources, including the main South Australian resource for this period [1], with no luck.

1. Ceramics in South Australia 1836-1986 : From Folk to Studio Pottery / by Noris Ioannou, Adelaide: Wakefield Press, 1986.