Shannon Garson

Known potter #8: Shannon Garson

Shannon Garson. Small porcelain bowl. 2004 Shannon Garson. Small porcelain bowl. 2004. Base

This porcelain tea bowl with finely painted and textured surfaces and attenuated rim was made by the Queensland potter Shannon Garson. Her mark is a painted heart with wings. She trained as a painter and takes a painterly approach to her thrown vessels using simple forms that are meant to be used. A few weeks ago, Garson mentioned my blog in her blog, Strange Fragments. By coincidence I had already been thinking about making her the subject of an entry.

Shannon Garson. Large porcelain bowl. 2004. Detail

We first noticed Garson’s work at Beaver Galleries several years ago. Our first purchase was a tiny buttery-yellow bowl, then we added the tea bowl to our collection and lastly this salad bowl dated 2004 with raised anemones on a copper green background. A lot of potters work in porcelain now because of its whiteness, smoothness and translucency. Garson’s work stood out for us because of the nuanced surfaces, botanical references and delicacy of colour and line. (For more on her method of working see her website.) Garson’s pieces are also affordable at a time when some potters are pricing their work for an elite market.