Phillip McConnell

Carl and Phillip McConnell: Queensland Studio Potters

Carl McConnell (1926 — 2003) Vase with hidasuki marks c.1975

The Queensland Art Gallery is currently showcasing the work of father and son Carl and Phillip McConnell in an exhibition curated by Glenn Cooke. Entitled Carl and Phillip McConnell: Queensland Studio Potters, the exhibition is on now and will run until 24 June. This vase with hidasuki marks made by Carl McConnell around 1975 and gifted to the Queensland Art Gallery by Carl and Bunny McConnell in 1987, is one of the works featuring in the exhibition.The image is from the  QAGOMA website.

(It took me a while to work it out, but QAGOMA stands for  Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art – a new brand officially launched in early 2012.)