Lindsay Bedogni

Mystery potter #12: Lindsay Bedogni (again)

Organic pot Organic pot Organic pot. Mark

This small (7 x 12 cm) domed vessel on a raised base is glazed an intense blue on the inside. By contrast the unglazed outside surface is worked to look like a weathered carapace or shell. It is heavy to the hand and there is something organic about the ragged opening edged in burnt orange, the strange shunt next to it and the hidden beauty of the interior. On the base is an impressed seal which reads ‘Le’.

This pot shares a provenance with the one made by Mystery Potter #3. We bought them both from the same seller. Mystery Potter #3 has a mark very similar to the one used by the New Zealand potter Lindsay Bedogni.  I wondered for a short time if this pot might also have a New Zealand connection. Lawrence Ewing, another New Zealand potter, does use ‘LE’ as a mark but his monogram is different.

Australian potters with the initials ‘LE’ include Liz Eakins, Linda Ewin, Louisa Edge and Laura Ellis. I don’t have marks recorded for these potters and couldn’t find any stylistic connections when looking at examples of their work.

And of course, this mark may not be ‘Le’ at all. David just walked by and thought it was ‘LB’. And now I’m wondering if it is ‘Ce’. Never mind. While looking for examples of Linda Ewin’s work, I found a cache of regional NSW potters on the Orana Arts website and have added them to my database.

Postscript: Irene is right! This is actually another Lindsay Bedogni. More attributed work in this organic style has turned up on the Australian secondary market since I wrote this post.

Mystery potter #3: Lindsay Bedogni

LB, BottleLB, Bottle. Potter's mark

Yesterday’s entry was written so that I could write about this 9 cm (3.5″) bottle with an impressed “LB” insignia on the base. It was posted on eBay earlier this year with a tentative attribution to Les Blakebrough. I am continuing to count it amongst my mystery pots.

Here are the names of the potters I know with the initials LB:

Leigh Bailie, Lyn Baker, Lesley Barnes, Lee Bartley, Leonard Bell, Louise Bennetts, Louise Boscacci, Lorna Boucher, Lisa Boyter, Lorna Brady.

Leigh Bailie, Lyn Baker and Louise Bennetts were students whose work featured in Pottery in Australia in the 1980s. I don’t know whether they went on to become practicing potters. The rest are, or have been, practicing potters in various locations around Australia.

Lesley Barnes, who sold her work at Warrandyte in the 1980s and 1990s, used her full name as an insignia. Leonard Bell, who established a pottery near Bendigo, Victoria, in 1976, used a mark very similar to Les Blakebrough’s “LB” but in conjunction with a “WP” mark for Woodstock Pottery. I don’t have a record yet of the marks used by the other LB potters.

Oh, Oh! A scary thought. What if it doesn’t say LB at all…

Postscript: I am now fairly certain that this is the mark used by the New Zealand potter Lindsay Bedogni.