Australian potters' marks

For marks used by Australian potters   go to my sister blog:

Australian potters’ marks



  1. Hi – I recently found a small Martin Boyd plate with the initials MIL on it. Any help identifying who MIL was would be appreciated. I believe this is an older plate as it has some crazing. It is a scence of a ranch with a windmill and water tower. Thank you!

      1. Gday there Judith I was just doing my weekly OP Shop bargain hunt and found a Braemore trough vase and I had never heard of them but for 50 cents I grabbed it and delighted to get home and google and learn so much about this wonderful Aussie Pottery,, New collector here,, Anyway I wonder if you could help me solve the riddle of the Makers Initials they look to be like a G with a K and a tiny 3 at the end,, I would love to know the name if you could help,, Cheers

  2. Hi Judith, I had a look and you do not seem to have a mark by Margaret Dodd. I just bought a piece with an incised signature and also signed in pencil and thought you might like to see these.

  3. Hello. I don’t know if you could help me but about 18 mths ago a bought a totally perfect set of pottery. Including milk jug, four mugs, sugar bowl, coffee bowl, casserole dish and six bowls with lids. Today I believe I discovered it is 1982 by Peter Robinson. Can you please tell me how to find out for sure and is it significant?

    1. Hi Jaime, I don’t have any record of a Peter Robinson in my database. I’ll contact you by email so that you can send me an image of the set and of the mark.

  4. hello,. I have an old Shaving ?? scuttle. its blue and has Sydney written on the base . Id like to know who made it and how old it is .. thanks , hope u can help. cheers June

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