1. Hi – I recently found a small Martin Boyd plate with the initials MIL on it. Any help identifying who MIL was would be appreciated. I believe this is an older plate as it has some crazing. It is a scence of a ranch with a windmill and water tower. Thank you!

  2. I have a little jug with a lip to collect drips. Braemore 691 Can you tell me about it please

      1. Gday there Judith I was just doing my weekly OP Shop bargain hunt and found a Braemore trough vase and I had never heard of them but for 50 cents I grabbed it and delighted to get home and google and learn so much about this wonderful Aussie Pottery,, New collector here,, Anyway I wonder if you could help me solve the riddle of the Makers Initials they look to be like a G with a K and a tiny 3 at the end,, I would love to know the name if you could help,, Cheers

  3. Hi Judith, I had a look and you do not seem to have a mark by Margaret Dodd. I just bought a piece with an incised signature and also signed in pencil and thought you might like to see these.

  4. Hello. I don’t know if you could help me but about 18 mths ago a bought a totally perfect set of pottery. Including milk jug, four mugs, sugar bowl, coffee bowl, casserole dish and six bowls with lids. Today I believe I discovered it is 1982 by Peter Robinson. Can you please tell me how to find out for sure and is it significant?

    1. Hi Jaime, I don’t have any record of a Peter Robinson in my database. I’ll contact you by email so that you can send me an image of the set and of the mark.

  5. hello,. I have an old Shaving ?? scuttle. its blue and has Sydney written on the base . Id like to know who made it and how old it is .. thanks , hope u can help. cheers June

    1. We would need to see images of the bowl and its mark. The Identifying Australian Pottery Group on Flickr or the Australian Pottery group on Facebook would be the best place to post images as this website is not a forum but a place for recording the results of our research. Regards, Judith

  6. Hey there I have recently come across a bowl with the incised name of Arthur Merric Boyd on the bottom. It’s a dusty rose colour on the outside and bright green on the inside. There is no amb incised or Martin Boyd, or Merric Boyd. I guess I’m asking if Arthur Merric Boyd made it or one of his children. I assume because it has Arthur Merric Boyd’s name on it that’s who made it.

  7. Hi,
    I have 6 hand made plates, 7 inch dia (approx), scolloped edges, plain olive green, leaf/vine impression, pottery mark is M Nolan
    Given to me by a deceased aunt who said they were made by Mary Nolan (nee Boyd) & not to use them or give them away as they were worth something.
    Mary Nolan was the wife of Sidney Nolan (aust artist), and Boyd is a well known name im australian pottery.
    Any idea as to the value of these plates?



  8. hello. i have some beautiful pottery pieces I believe to be Marvin Moon creations. may i send you photos?

  9. My name is Peter Pine and I am still potting and conducting pottery classes, resident in Pottsville NSW. I jokingly call myself Peter Pine the perfect Potter from Pottsville, and now stamp my work with a stylised pine tree!

  10. hi all
    i have recently uncovered the ruins of an old path at a property in the Maitland area which had the remains of old garden edge borders/tiles. some of these had the name H. Marshall Pottery East Maitland. any info would be great.

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