Recently added biographies

Here are the biographies I’ve added to the online catalogue since December:

Tony Martin. Jug

There’s no real pattern here:  I’ve been photographing and listing new acquisitions before putting them away in the container; and I’ve also been conducting an audit of our drawers to find pieces ‘lost’ when we cleared the decks for this season’s exhibition. Tony Martin falls into both categories. We recently bought this huge (40 cm high) jug by him and already had a dry-glaze bowl in one of our gallery drawers.

Recently added biographies

Here are the biographies I’ve added to the online catalogue since June:

Jo Caddy. Head vase

What an interesting mix of names! Clearly my focus wanders as I move from project to project. Jan Gluch and Studio Fisher have work in our current exhibition. Susie McMeekin’s mark featured in  the Journal of Australian Ceramics and needed to be added to Australian Potters’ Marks. Jamie Beeston was promoted from unknown to known potter. And I found the Jo Caddy head vase in a box I was unpacking and couldn’t resist sharing it, with the result that it sold, but at least I still have a record…

Recently added biographies

Here are the biographies I’ve added to our online catalogue since February:

Rhona Boehm. Lidded jar

I’ve been hard at work over the last few months adding biographies and listing items from our current exhibition before I have to pack them up to make room for next season’s exhibition.  Also, as part of work-in-progress on Australian Potters’ Marks,  I’ve been writing biographies for potters represented in our collection.

The Rhonda Boehm biography is not new, but Marianne Cole, who paid us a visit last month, was able to provide me with lots of additional information as well as helping me to identify this mystery pot as one of Rhonda’s made when she was still Rhonda Longbottom.

Recently added biographies

Here are the biographies I’ve added to our online catalogue since November:

Elsa Ardern. Selection of pots made at Kalaru, NSW

Elsa Ardern. Selection of pots made at Kalaroo

The Elsa Ardern biography is not new, but has been substantially updated with information provided to me by her son Gray. I hadn’t been aware that she shared her time between workshops in Tathra and Warrandyte for many years. Here is a picture Gray sent me of pots she fired in the Stafford Brothers’ wood-fired brick-kiln at Kalaroo.

Recently added biographies

Writing brief biographies for our online catalogue now takes up a lot of the time I previously spent on ‘Known potter’ and ‘Mystery potter’ entries. I will still keep writing these, but will also post regularly from now on about recently added biographies. Here are the most recent twelve:

I am gradually cataloguing items in the current exhibition, hence Danyon Greig and David Williams for crystalline glazes, Peter Ries and Amanda Warner for lustres, Malcolm Greenwood and Virginia Maywold for platters, Steve Sheridan for a woodfired jug and Chris James for a tea set.

Our Joan Campbells are on display in the foyer and needed to be represented in the catalogue.  The Ruth Silver vase has gone back into the container but I wanted to list it before packing it away. The Graeme Wilkie dish is an example of a work no sooner acquired than sold. I had to make a post-hoc listing to make a record of the mark.

The Albury Pottery tortoise money box is a new acquisition that quickly found a place for itself on the counter.  Albury Pottery pieces turn up fairly frequently on eBay, so I was surprised how little I knew about it. I finally tracked down its former manager through an advertisement for a thrower in the Sydney Morning Herald for 1984. The story makes interesting reading, not least because the tortoise money box has its origins in the animal money boxes made by Cooper Pottery in the UK in the 1970s.