More on sources

This blog has a statistics page that tells me something about its users. The number one referrer is still You can find anything on the Intertubes😦 but the figures do show that a very select audience is finding things of interest here and staying to explore links to other pages.

The statistics page also tells me what links on the blog get used. In the sidebar of the blog, there is a set of bookmarks to websites on Australian pottery. This is a feed from a account where I bookmark and tag websites as I find them. Almost no-one goes to the full set of bookmarks from the blog so I thought that I would say a little more about this feature and why I have included it.

My main Links page acts as a guide to reference works on Australian pottery and is very selective. The account aims to be a comprehensive list of links to Australian pottery websites. Rather than maintaining this as a static html page, I use to bookmark and tag websites as I find them.

I am constantly adding new bookmarks and would be very pleased to hear of websites that I’ve missed.


  1. The number one referrer is still You can find anything on the Intertubes

    That’s pretty funny to me, the author of that post. I had forgotten about it until I saw your incoming link. It’s nice to know somebody remembers it. 🙂

  2. By the way, I think some of the pottery featured on this site is just awesome. I’m sorry know that I did not take the opportunity to buy something on one of my trips there.

  3. When Michael says ‘sorry know’ he really means ‘sorry now’. He is a one-man english-language-wrecking-crew.

    Back on topic; when you say, ‘This blog has a statistics page that tells me something about its users’ I’m assuming the something you were told is that we’re lovable, wacky, Americans.

    Thank you.

  4. I like Aussies. You can count on them for a wry sense of humor, and a basic “let’s party” attitude about life. They are sort of like Brazilians, but white, so they’re not good dancers.

  5. Judith, I enjoyed browsing through your posts. I also envy you your new digs. That is beautiful country the cows have given up for your gallery.

    Michael is a lawyer. I say that as a means of explaining the inexplicable. His wife is a really nice lady, obviously she married down. Please forgive him, he knows not what he sometimes says.

  6. I don’t have anything against Australians or pottery. Combine the two? I’ll have to think about that.

  7. This pottery is beautiful. Judith, I think husband Michael ought to buy some of it as a gift to me. Maybe you can give him some pointers on that. It would fit well into our decorating scheme.

  8. Oh, and Judith, give Cathy and Michael some tips on putting Batman logos on stuff, that would really tie the room together.

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