Mystery potter #3: Lindsay Bedogni

LB, BottleLB, Bottle. Potter's mark

Yesterday’s entry was written so that I could write about this 9 cm (3.5″) bottle with an impressed “LB” insignia on the base. It was posted on eBay earlier this year with a tentative attribution to Les Blakebrough. I am continuing to count it amongst my mystery pots.

Here are the names of the potters I know with the initials LB:

Leigh Bailie, Lyn Baker, Lesley Barnes, Lee Bartley, Leonard Bell, Louise Bennetts, Louise Boscacci, Lorna Boucher, Lisa Boyter, Lorna Brady.

Leigh Bailie, Lyn Baker and Louise Bennetts were students whose work featured in Pottery in Australia in the 1980s. I don’t know whether they went on to become practicing potters. The rest are, or have been, practicing potters in various locations around Australia.

Lesley Barnes, who sold her work at Warrandyte in the 1980s and 1990s, used her full name as an insignia. Leonard Bell, who established a pottery near Bendigo, Victoria, in 1976, used a mark very similar to Les Blakebrough’s “LB” but in conjunction with a “WP” mark for Woodstock Pottery. I don’t have a record yet of the marks used by the other LB potters.

Oh, Oh! A scary thought. What if it doesn’t say LB at all…

Postscript: I am now fairly certain that this is the mark used by the New Zealand potter Lindsay Bedogni.



  1. Hi, it’s not one of mine.I have been engraving my surname or two names with the date on the base. Earlier earthenware works sometimes carry only LB, but always with a date.

    This looks like a partially reduced stoneware bottle with a with copper red glaze applied to the top part (incomplete reduction indicated by the red areas in the green/ blue glaze).

    Good luck, Louise Boscacci 12/12/06

  2. Hi Louise and Sylph, How wonderful to find these messages! I’ve recorded Louise’s marks in my database and asked Tim Caulton from about the Lyndsay Bedogni attribution. He is cautiously optimistic but I think it’s a match!

  3. Hi there, I am one of Lyndsay’s sons (Lyndsay is the correct spelling) and I can confirm from the horse’s mouth that this is one of his pots. All the best to you and thanks for your ongoing interest in my Dad’s pottery!

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