Of National Significance

The Sturt Gallery at Mittagong, NSW, is having an exhibition entitled “Of National Significance:  Ceramics then and now by artists in the Sturt Permanent Collection. The exhibition opens on Sunday 22 February and continues to 12 April 2015.  The exhibition opening will be held at 11 am with special guest Greg Daly. More details here.

Australian Prints + Printmaking

I use the National Gallery of Australia’s Australian Prints + Printmaking website quite a bit in my research as a number of potters also work  in two-dimensional media or go on to do so.  Sometimes a snippet of information like a birth date or an exhibition poster turns up only in this resource and I snatch it up for my database. Sometimes I’m able to make a minor correction. I can’t have visited recently, however, as I found out today that it has an entirely new interface! I’ve just spent an hour exploring the new discovery pathways and looking up the printmakers we have on our own walls like GW Bot, Chris Denton and Marina Ky. Even David has an entry there. In 1996, he spent time at Studio One Inc learning to make intaglio prints.  When the National gallery of Australia acquired the studio archive in 2004, an etching of his was included in the archive and now resides in the NGA collection. Fame comes in curious ways.

24 Oliver Street

Bega Valley Shire Council has just notified us that our rural address number is now 24 Oliver Street. We are still in the same place, but it may be slightly easier to find us now that we have an official address. Twenty-four is a number with many fine properties according to Wikipedia. While it is only semi-perfect, it is known as the kissing number in 4-dimensional space and there are 24 major and minor keys in Western tonal music.