Of National Significance

The Sturt Gallery at Mittagong, NSW, is having an exhibition entitled “Of National Significance:  Ceramics then and now by artists in the Sturt Permanent Collection. The exhibition opens on Sunday 22 February and continues to 12 April 2015.  The exhibition opening will be held at 11 am with special guest Greg Daly. More details here.

Australian Prints + Printmaking

I use the National Gallery of Australia’s Australian Prints + Printmaking website quite a bit in my research as a number of potters also work  in two-dimensional media or go on to do so.  Sometimes a snippet of information like a birth date or an exhibition poster turns up only in this resource and I snatch it up for my database. Sometimes I’m able to make a minor correction. I can’t have visited recently, however, as I found out today that it has an entirely new interface! I’ve just spent an hour exploring the new discovery pathways and looking up the printmakers we have on our own walls like GW Bot, Chris Denton and Marina Ky. Even David has an entry there. In 1996, he spent time at Studio One Inc learning to make intaglio prints.  When the National gallery of Australia acquired the studio archive in 2004, an etching of his was included in the archive and now resides in the NGA collection. Fame comes in curious ways.

An invitation to our opening event

Judith and David invite you to help celebrate the opening of our 6th season! Join us this Sunday 12 October from 4.00 pm onwards for drinks and light refreshments in the garden with music by Andrew and Jenny Szery.

Entry by gold coin donation.

Directions for finding us can be found on our gallery website.

We are not holding a River Music Fair this year but hope to return next year.

Card. Season 6. Back

Our new season begins!

Works by Ben Kypridakis, Pippin Drysdale, Dawn Oakford and mystery potter Beth M.

Works by Ben Kypridakis, Pippin Drysdale, Dawn Oakford and mystery potter Beth M.

Our new season opens today with a gallery full of bold and beautiful works. I’ve been working hard all week to get labels printed, last season’s works put away, workroom shelves dusted and the garden tidied. Nevertheless, we didn’t expect our first visitor to arrive at 10.05 am just after I’d come back from putting the sign back on the highway. It turns out that this wasn’t the harbinger of a busy opening weekend but a regular visitor who hadn’t realised we’d been closed for the winter and had just decided, passing by, to call in.

A stream of coffee pots

Cynthia Mitchell. Coffee pot

Cynthia Mitchell. Coffee pot.

Regular browsers of our online shop may have been bemused by the stream of coffee pots I have been listing recently. I am giving the workroom shelves their annual dust, starting with Alcove C, which is devoted mainly to drinking vessels. This is a lengthy process not helped by the cats who, as soon as they see an empty shelf, want to sit on it. I don’t know how it is but there always seems to be a small collection of pots left over on the floor when I’ve finished  rearranging a shelf.  The only thing to be done is to put them back into storage, making sure they are listed before they are packed away.

Season 6 – The Bold and the Beautiful

Monika Leone. Floor vase. 2014. 64 cm high.

Monika Leone. Floor vase. 2014. 64 cm high.

Our sixth season in Bemboka will open on Friday 3 October with “The Bold and the Beautiful”, an exhibition featuring works from our collection that show colour in action through glazes, on-glazes, lustres, tinted clays and underglazes. David came up with the title and I keep asking him “Is this bold and beautiful?” as I bring pieces out for potential inclusion. “Yes” and it goes in. “No” and it is not bold and beautiful enough! Some of our most bold and beautiful pots are mostly all black or all white so I have devoted one whole wall to these. It is starting to come together in quite a splendid way and we are looking forward to a season spent with colour.

Our soft opening on 3 October will be followed by a garden party on Sunday 12 October, 2014, starting at 5 pm and featuring the music of Andrew and Jenny Szery, with entry through gold coin donation. We will advertise this more widely shortly.

After a lot of thought, we have decided not to hold a River Music Fair this year.  The main reason for this is an exciting one. We are having a big country wedding here on 8 November. Our son James is getting married to his beloved Monique and almost everyone invited is coming!