Christmas greetings


Christmas greetings to all our friends and visitors to our gallery and online shop. We are just three months into our seventh season and really enjoying living with our current “Pale and Interesting” exhibition.  In the weeks leading up to Christmas most of our sales have been through the Internet but we are looking forward to a steady flow of visitors during January. We will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day morning but open during the rest of the holiday period. Don’t hesitate to call ahead if you need to come outside our regular opening hours.


  1. Would love to get down to see your current season … not sure that we’ll make it but if we can we will. I’ve been cleaning up my aunt’s house of a few weekends, and came across a few Martin Boyd pieces. (I want them!) There’s a mauve-pink plat plate just curved up at the ends. Must let the cousins have a go but I’m hoping they won’t like it. It reminded me of your first River Festival.

    Anyhow, I hope you have a good Christmas, and that the season goes well for you.

    (BTW Do you mean to have snow running down your blog).

      1. I guessed it must be. I’ve never been offered it in my nearly 7 years of Word Pressing, but maybe that’s because I’m a freebie? I pay for my name but I’m a .com not a .org user. I’ve not seen it on many Aussie wordpress blogs which is why I was intrigued to see it on yours. It’s pretty though.

        1. If you go into Settings you should find a holiday snow option. I’ve just switched it on for my Australian Potters’ Marks site. It is a bit strange to use winter iconography for Christmas in Australia. Perhaps we could have smoke and flames instead…

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