Season 7 – Pale and Interesting

Season 7 - "Pale and Interesting"

Our seventh season in Bemboka will open on Friday 2 October with “Pale and Interesting”, an exhibition using works from our collection to continue our exploration of glazes and decorative techniques with an emphasis on understated chromatic content. We have planned it as an antithesis to  last season’s exhibition, “the Bold and the Beautiful”, although we have retained some works like Chantelle Del Rue’s snake vessel from 1993 that  seem to work equally well in the new context.

We have some wonderful recent work by John Dermer, Shannon Garson, Debra Boyd Goggin, Kim Angh Nguyen, Kaye Pemberton, Tanya Roland, Joanna Searle and Steve Williams as well as older pieces by Les Blakebrough, Malcom Cooke, Sylvia Halpern, Peter Harris, Reg Preston, Paul Wynn and many more, including a number of works by mystery potters whose work we hope visitors may help us to identify during the year.

The combination of pieces in different shades of white, grey and pastel colours is working well and my main task now, when not out in the garden, is to write up the labels. A signature Jeff Mincham piece in shades of pale green that we bought recently is still with the courier and will hopefully arrive in time to take its place for the opening.

Illustrated above: Ian Rowe, Lidded jar; Les Blakebrough, Carafe; Unknown, Lidded jar; Zak’s Pottery, Lidded bowl; Hilary Barta, Vase; Sylvia Halpern, Two vases.

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