Season 6 wrap up

Wedding party

Our Season 6 exhibition, held from October 2014 to June 2015, was entitled “The Bold and the Beautiful” and featured colour in action through glazes, on-glazes, lustres, tinted clays and underglazes. This was probably our best exhibition yet. As well as featuring work from our collection and focusing our buying priorities on the Bold and Beautiful theme, we bought colourful new pieces from Janette Loughery and Dawn Oakford. One wall was devoted to black and white and we retained our Australiana cabinet just inside the door.

It was a wonderful year in the garden with plenty of spring rain and we hardly had to water, even in the summer months. We held a small musical event to open the season – not a River Music Fair this year because new neighbours were building a house on the block next door! In November, our son was married and we had a big family wedding on the property.

In terms of business, we noticed a significant reduction in the number of visitors to the gallery compared to past years. Some wonderful people came, including many repeat visitors, but most of our sales during the year were pieces that we had listed in our online shop. We are on our winter break now and I’ve started to list and pack away the Bold and Beautiful pieces in preparation for the new exhibition. We will let you know more about this in a few week’s time.

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