Season 6 – The Bold and the Beautiful

Monika Leone. Floor vase. 2014. 64 cm high.

Monika Leone. Floor vase. 2014. 64 cm high.

Our sixth season in Bemboka will open on Friday 3 October with “The Bold and the Beautiful”, an exhibition featuring works from our collection that show colour in action through glazes, on-glazes, lustres, tinted clays and underglazes. David came up with the title and I keep asking him “Is this bold and beautiful?” as I bring pieces out for potential inclusion. “Yes” and it goes in. “No” and it is not bold and beautiful enough! Some of our most bold and beautiful pots are mostly all black or all white so I have devoted one whole wall to these. It is starting to come together in quite a splendid way and we are looking forward to a season spent with colour.

Our soft opening on 3 October will be followed by a garden party on Sunday 12 October, 2014, starting at 5 pm and featuring the music of Andrew and Jenny Szery, with entry through gold coin donation. We will advertise this more widely shortly.

After a lot of thought, we have decided not to hold a River Music Fair this year.  The main reason for this is an exciting one. We are having a big country wedding here on 8 November. Our son James is getting married to his beloved Monique and almost everyone invited is coming!


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