Season 5 wrap up

Our Season 5 exhibition, held from October 2013 to June 2014, was entitled “Beyond Design: Forged by Fire” and featured wood, smoke, salt and soda fired ceramics from the collection. We opened the season again with a River Music Fair.  This was a great day which I documented here.

Woodfire is one of our loves and we took the opportunity to augment pieces already in our collection with some significant new works to fill out the exhibition.

John Dermer. Bottle Ian Jones. Vessel Gail Nichols. Vase Zak Chalmers. Shallow bowl

Illustrated: John Dermer, Vase; Ian Jones, Vessel; Gail Nichols, Vase; Zak Chalmers, Shallow bowl

Season 5 coincided with the International Woodfire Conference – “On the Edge of the Shelf” –  held at Mystery Bay from April 28-May 20 2014. A visit by conference attendees was a highlight of our season and we also had the opportunity to see some beautiful work by Australian and international woodfirers in other exhibitions held in association with the conference.

Our online sales continued to be strong and we again made in sales just a little bit more than we spent in new acquisitions.


  1. Great to hear your sales slightly exceeded your purchases. Well done you two! And how lovely to be visited by conference attendees. I bet your show-rooms were abuzz. Are you doing the River Music Fair this year? Or are other events getting in the way?

    1. We are opening our new exhibition with music and wine and cheese on the afternoon of Sunday 12 October but, yes, other events are getting in the way of a full River Music Fair this year. I will blog about this shortly.

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