Stephen Bowers: Beyond Bravura

Stephen Bowers: Beyond Bravura

David and I took time out on a visit to Canberra this week to attend the “Stephen Bowers: Beyond Bravura” exhibition being held at the Watson Arts Centre until 13 April. Bowers’ work is being celebrated in the JamFactory Icon Series. The exhibition premiered in Adelaide and is now touring nationally. Before Canberra, it was in Geelong and its next stop is Artisan in Brisbane from 2 May-28 June 2014. The full set of tour dates is given here.

We own just one small bowl by Stephen Bowers which we bought in Adelaide in 2006. We have bid on some larger pieces at auction but they generally go for far more than we can afford.  Luckily, a scholarly book has been published to complement the exhibition so that we can at least see pictures of his gorgeous work. Sasha Grishin’s review of the book in the Sydney Morning Herald highlights the fact that Bowers is essentially a china painter – although he turns the whole tradition of china painting on its head.

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