Early Australian pottery

Modern Ceramic Products. Swan-shaped bowl

Our exhibition this year is “Beyond design: forged by fire : Wood, smoke, salt and soda fired ceramics from the collection”. However, a few pieces have found their way into the exhibition that don’t quite fit into this theme. A Remued 15-6 wall vase hangs on the wall behind the counter. Nine Model 14 Ellis jugs left over from last year’s exhibition decorate the top of three of the display cabinets and this Mingay ware swan has taken up a position on the window sill.

These swans are not rare. There are nine for sale on eBay at the moment, priced at around $30 each.  Ours came to us as part of a larger collection and we probably won’t replace it when it eventually goes to a new home. Nevertheless, I love it – its shape, its colours and its determination not to be packed away in the container.

This morning I found myself singing “It’s my exhibition and I’ll display what I want to. You would keep it on the window sill too if it happened to you.” David, who was watching Simon Schama’s The Story of the Jews while working on his latest glass painting looked up somewhat perplexed and I returned to my designated task of browsing auction catalogues.

Talking of early Australian pottery, a sister group with this name has been set up on Flickr for those who are interested.



  1. Oh, I love that swan too – though I don’t tend to love that sort of lustre, is it, ware? There’s a gorgeous grace to the design. Love your ditty, too, Judith. Funny how pop songs can pop (ha) into one’s heads at the strangest times.

  2. What a wonderful theme for an exhibition. I’m going to try to make the trek from down south to see it. What are the exhibition dates?

    1. We have just one exhibition a year, from 1 October to 30 June. There will be lots of other woodfire exhibitions in the valley to coincide with the International Woodfire Conference – ”On the Edge of the Shelf” – at Mystery Bay just south of Narooma, from April 28-May 20 2014.

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