No thanks, I am already ubiquitous

Busy desk red

Increasingly, spam messages directed to our gallery email address are from web developers wanting to improve our website and make it more visible to Internet search engines. I never reply but I would like to tell them that our website already ranks highly in almost any search on Australian pottery if they had only taken the trouble to look. Dealing  with correspondence from people who have found us on the Internet is now one of my daily tasks. As well as processing online orders or helping people to identify pots they own and providing advice on finding them new homes, in the last year or so we have been receiving an increasing number of messages from people thinking we are the potters whose work we sell. These include customers wanting a broken pot mended or replaced, old friends wanting to be put in touch or museum staff after a copyright clearance.  Our website was either at the top of the result set and they looked no further, or it was the only website referencing the sought-after potter. Although I rarely have current contact details in my database, this brings out the librarian in me and I do my best to help.


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