A great day

Bemboka River Music Fair. Annie Franklin 2013

Our River Music Fair is over for another year and, oh, what a great day it was! The weather was sunny with just a slight breeze and the garden was at its Spring best.

Our guest artists – potter Michael Adams, leadlight maker Kay Dowman, painter Annie Franklin and spinner Olga Hunt – took up positions on our north and west patios and set to work demonstrating their skills. Food stallholders Patrick Reubinson of Stroudover Cottage, the Bemboka Play Group and More than Beans Mobile Cafe prepared to keep hunger and thirst at bay. John Watkin, our MC, started the program rolling and kept everyone involved in the activities of the day.

Visitors arriving in a steady stream helped themselves to a welcoming glass of champagne or orange juice, strolled through the gallery to take in the exhibition and talk with David, then settled themselves on the lawn to enjoy wonderful musical performances by Mr Tim, Train to Budapest, David Hewitt and friends, and Fanny Lumsden and the Thrillseekers.  Behind the scenes Andrew, Jenny and I took a moment to share slices of hummingbird cake from the Play Group stall and draw satisfaction from how well everything had come together on the day.

Illustrated: the watercolour Annie Franklin painted on the day and kindly presented to us as a memento of the fair. On the stage: David Hewitt and friends.



    1. Thanks Sue. We were so lucky this year to have such a range of good performers thanks to the efforts of our musical director Andrew Szery. You would have loved Mr Tim, who says he fills the gap between the Wiggles and Justin Bieber. David Hewitt’s African drum ensemble was a tour-de-force and Fanny Lumsden brought the day resoundingly to a close with some great songs and a lovely clear voice.

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