Recently added biographies

Here are the biographies I’ve added to the online catalogue since December:

Tony Martin. Jug

There’s no real pattern here:  I’ve been photographing and listing new acquisitions before putting them away in the container; and I’ve also been conducting an audit of our drawers to find pieces ‘lost’ when we cleared the decks for this season’s exhibition. Tony Martin falls into both categories. We recently bought this huge (40 cm high) jug by him and already had a dry-glaze bowl in one of our gallery drawers.


  1. Greetings! I’m after news on Trevor Pitt, Mount Gambier. I have, what I believe, are two of his pieces. Daunting but excitingly, I am scaling down fr a 3 bdrm unit to a mid wheel-base Merc Sprinter & while reluctant, need an estimate price of these pieces. One is a bowl featuring brilliant (enamel) colour of Blue Lake inner w typical Pitt design of brown trailing design on white ceramic exterior. The second piece is a squat vase w typical Pitt design of trailing brown design but on (matt) green background. Could someone give me an estimate price of value, both pieces are in vgc. Thanking you, Joy Forest.

    1. Hi Joy, valuing items is out of scope for Australian Potters’ Marks but you should be able to get an idea of price by monitoring results on eBay.

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