Fire watch

Ribbon Gums
All day the slender white branches of the ribbon gums that line the river at the bottom of our property have been exposed by violent gusts of wind. Two nearby fires burn out of control. The one on the Monaro has lined the sky with a smoky haze. The one at Brogo is invisible to us behind the mountains but  nearer to home.  Meantime, we have done the things we’d usually do on a Tuesday. I’ve responded to emails, catalogued new purchases, driven up to the village to collect mail and buy bread.  David has made progress on a new painting while watching ‘Criminal Minds’ on Foxtel. The cats have slept in the sun.



    1. It seems as though we have all been suffering from extreme conditions in the last few years. The good news is that the new day has dawned with a welcome cool change. The cats and I are heading out early into the garden to see how things have survived the heat.

  1. Was at Thredbo for our annual 4 night/5 day sojourn when this post came through Judith … hope the continued fires stay away from you (and from all people and their properties). We drove home through Cooma on Thursday but saw nothing other than a very vague haze in the sky. The Monaro looked it’s beautiful golden self and yet hides such danger, eh?

    Keep cool and safe.

    1. I hope you were able to take some good walks during your sojourn. I’ve enjoyed our few visits to the high country in summer. We’ve never ventured off the highway to Numeralla and beyond but it is very close to large areas of state forest and nature reserves. The thought of uncontrollable fires there is very frightening. But on a brighter note, it was raining when we woke this morning – welcome relief for the fire fighters and our garden.

      1. Oh good to hear … re the rain I mean. Overcast here but no rain yet.

        Yes, we did some great walks including a new long one for us. We’ve done most of the walks we know of multiple times but every now and then something new pops up. This one was 14-15km from the Guthega Power Station and was just lovely. It helped that it was a clear and perfectly cool day for walking (10-18°C).

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