Mystery potter #55: ‘SS’

'SS'. Vase
'SS'. Vase. Base

This pale stoneware bottle has a matt glaze in shades of umber, green and ochre over a heavily incised decorative surface.  It is 25 cm tall and well-proportioned with a flat base, slender neck and everted lip. I particularly like the verdigris effect of the mottled colouring and the way the stylus has been used to animate the patterned areas that flow around and up the sides of the bottle like an ancient frieze.

We bought it through an online auction as part of a lot that also contained a Wanda Garnsey vase.  Not reading the description of the lot carefully enough , I thought that this was the Garnsey until I had unpacked the box and examined the marks.  It was the vase that was impressed ‘WG’ while the mark on the bottle is an incised ‘SS’.

While a lot of ‘SS’ potters use their initials to mark their work – Steve Sheridan, Suzanne Startin and Shirley Storey to name a few – none that I have recorded are in this incised form.



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