Trove wins ANZIA Innovation award

I was very pleased to hear that the National Library of Australia’s Trove service is the winner of this year’s ANZIA Innovation award. Regular readers of this blog will know that in a previous life, I was involved in the birth of Trove and I love watching our aims for the service being achieved step by step as it develops and matures.

Trove might equally have been entered in the Information category, but the Innovation award acknowledges not just the huge amount of new information being made available online through the Library’s digitisation projects and partnerships, but also the way in which Trove improves the utility of the Internet and delivers a new online experience.

Trove search on the 1956 Olympic Games Arts Festival

Trove search on the 1956 Olympic Games Arts Festival

I still can’t get over the ease with which I can find announcements of the decision to include an Arts Festival in the 1956 Olympic Games in daily newspapers across the nation (and of course I couldn’t help making a few corrections while I was doing this search). I look forward to reading reviews of the festival itself from my desktop in Bemboka when newspapers are digitised beyond the current coverage limit for newspapers of 1954.



  1. Oh things for telling us Judith … and congratulations for your role in it. Trove is a wonderful resource … and like you I particularly love the newspaper digitisation and the ease of finding all sorts of wonderful things in it.

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