Potters’ Cottage: A Tribute

Image: Phyl Dunn, Sylvia Halpern, Gus McLaren, Charles Wilton and Reg Preston photographed in Preston and Dunn's studio for Potters Cottage brochure, 1960s. Photo attrib. Wim Kerkhof. Courtesy private collection.

Manningham Art Gallery has just relocated to a new space within the Manningham City Square. The opening exhibition, curated by Grace Cochrane, is a tribute to the Potters’ Cottage. It runs from 5 September to 10 November, and features an array of rarely seen ceramic works by the founding members Reg Preston, Phyl Dunn, Charles Wilton, Gus McLaren, Artur Halpern, Elsa Ardern, Kate Janeba and Sylvia Halpern.


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  1. Hmm … can I find an excuse to go to Melbourne in the next 2 months? I love the idea of artist collectives – reading about them rather than living in one given my lack of artistic expertise. It’s the voyeur in me! Visited Heide earlier this year and loved it.

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