Grand Opening and River Music Fair

River Music FairTo celebrate the coming of age of our gallery, we will be holding a Grand Opening and River Music Fair on Sunday 30 September, 2012, from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. This is the brain child of friends Andrew and Jenny Szery. Andrew performs in the three-piece acoustic band Jazz Train to Budapest which is becoming increasingly popular in the Monaro and Far South Coast. Jenny is a member of Salvation Jane Reunited, a five-piece a capella group which achieved international renown in the 1990s and is now performing together again, with a newly released CD.

Andrew had observed that our gallery with its north-facing lawn sloping down to the river and the mountains beyond would be an ideal venue for a house concert. He tested the acoustics and found that the curving walls of the house formed a perfect amphitheatre. In the background, we could hear the constant murmer of the Bemboka River as it flowed over its rocky bed on the way to the sea. Thus the River Music Fair was born.

Full details about the fair may be found here.

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