limpfish.com error 404 page

Spending two days fixing broken links in my delicious account was not something I had planned for this week. It seems that almost every visual arts organisation has upgraded its website since I last ran the link checker, and I’m developing sore fingers and a numbed mind from finding pages at their new location and changing the link, or substituting a copy from the Internet archive. (Reminder to self: check links once a month from now on.)

I’d rather be outside in the Autumn sun planting bulbs, but  I did get some pleasure from the task when I found the Legge Gallery website reborn as leggeの育毛剤ギャラリー. Google translates this as Legge gallery of hair tonic information. (Legge merged with Watters in 2010 but the link persisted in this new form and I’ve only just noticed. )


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