Australian potters’ marks

Australian potters' marksThe Identifying Australian Pottery group on Flickr has become increasingly involved in the hunt to identify marks. Between us, we are setting up a list of potters identified by the group with links to images of their marks. In my database were descriptions of the marks recorded in the directories published by the Potters’ Society of Australia from 1977-1996.  I’ve added these to the list, giving many potters a web presence for the first time, with the added bonus of searchable descriptions of marks. Go here to see the result:

Australian potters’ marks


  1. Oh good for you Judith … I can see myself running around my house, yet again, looking at my marks to see what (oops, who) I might have.

    Anyhow, congrats to all working on this … such a great resource and shows yet again what a great tool the Internet is.

    1. Thanks Sue. I hope you can identify a few! I like the way we can be very disciplined with the list itself and the image pool, but open-ended through the links so anyone can contribute.

      1. Yes, I hope so too … though some, as I’m sure you know, are hard to read in terms of letters. Which is the first letter. And, really, we did’t buy much “art” pieces though do have one Milton Moon.

    1. Thank you for this link, Les. I hope we can add an entry for you to the Australian Potters’ Marks project as well. I will get in touch with you by email!

  2. Judith- I have mailed photos of an art fish I believe is Iris & Vic Galbraith — if you wish you can put photos on this site (as I do not know how)–thanks for all your work

    I am trying to contact or find out more about Iris & Vic Galbraith and Graham & Velia Stewart or their sons Andrew &/or Michael late of Magnetic Island Nth Qld approx. 8-10 years ago where we purchased our art fish–thank you..

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