New online shop

Gallery cat providing operational support

Gallery cat providing operational support

If I’ve seemed a bit quiet over the last few weeks, it is because I have been upgrading the online shop software. The cats have stayed close by to provide operational support. Merran found this paisley bowl by Ian  Lamb the most comfortable place to ensconse herself near the computer, while Pippin settled for the box containing our gallery cards.

The task was a daunting one, but had to be done because the version of OsCommerce that I was using was very out-of-date and full of security holes. The software is open source and has hundreds of addons developed by the user community. I had helped myself to a number of these, so it wasn’t just a matter of installing a new version of the database and shop, but of re-applying the addons and migrating the data and images.

When I started, I wasn’t sure I had the skills to do it, but I took it slowly, diving into the forums for advice and making lots of backups. Switching to the new shop just before dinner last night was perhaps not the best idea. Full of adrenalin and fear, at least I had no problems staying up until midnight to see the new year in, as I wrestled with permissions and configuration files.

So here it is, with all the same data and URLs (I hope), and a rather neat way of displaying multiple images that came ‘out-of-the-box’ this time.

Please let me know if you find any bugs!


    1. Yes, this version of the software has a much nicer interface than the previous one so I’ve done very little customisation to the look and feel apart from relaxing the font a little.

  1. Well done Judith, it looks great. I know what a huge headache an undertaking like this is! The social icons are a good idea too…I get a lot of traffic on my blogs from Stumbledupon …..Have a Happy & Posperous New Year.

    1. I did have a glass of red wine beside me but Bemboka is a bit small for New Year fireworks! May I wish the same for you as regards lots of lovely new books to read and review.

      1. You could always start a tradition – red wine and fireworks over the native grasses. Hmm … perhaps not. Champagne on the deck overlooking the grasses might be safer.

  2. Just popped in to have a look after quite a break and find another reference to a Port Hacking Potter – Ian Lamb. His platters are amazing – Pippin has good taste :^)

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