Visible storage

3D visualisation of 'visible storage' for [V&A] Ceramics galleries Phase 2

Visitors to our gallery usually end up spending as much time exploring the storage shelves in our workroom as they do in the carefully curated exhibition spaces. Apparently, we are following a trend in  galleries and museums to make a much larger part of the collection accessible through ‘visible storage’.

The image linked to here  is “Figure 1: 3D visualisation of ‘visible storage’ for Ceramics galleries Phase 2” – from “Transforming the Ceramics galleries: an exercise in restraint“, Victoria Oakley and Fi Jordan,  V&A Conservation Journal, Spring 2009. In the article, the authors write:

The galleries are being developed in two phases. The first phase opens in September 2009, with 3,000 objects displayed in seven rooms.  […] The second phase, due to open in 2010, will contrast with the first in appearance and intensity, with over twenty-six thousand objects in dense displays, evoking a ‘behind-the-scenes’  experience with areas of ‘visible storage’ where curators can work (Figure 1). A new study centre alongside the galleries will offer researchers and students the opportunity to study and handle objects.

I understand that the new galleries are open now, and would love to hear if you have visited there, or know of similar developments in Australia.



  1. I know I’ve also read about this development but darned if I can think where. However, it reminds me of those Curiosity Cabinets from 17th century (or thereabouts) in which people kept, hmm, curiosities (collections of odd things etc). I’ve seen the idea used in a few museums in recent years – sometimes as part of a themed exhibition, but sometimes too to get more of their collections accessible. Only the small things of course but still the idea is there.
    PS Are you expecting a white Xmas in Bemboka this year!? It’s snowing on your blog!

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