Mystery potter #45: ‘LP’

LP. Vase
LP. Vase. Mark

Living as we do in a tiny country village, we are perforce middlemen, dependent on other people to source Australian pottery in opportunity shops for us and resell them on eBay. I do pop into the Bega stores from time to time, but pickings are usually thin. I was pleased, therefore, to find this 35 cm high stoneware vase at Vinnies a few weeks ago.

It is a well-made piece from the 1970s with a flanged neck set asymetrically on an oblong body.  Below a carved band at the shoulder it has a faceted shape defined by vertical sgraffito lines. The glaze is predominantly olive green with rust-red resist decoration.  The maker’s mark near the base is an impressed ‘LP’ or possibly ‘LF’.

I have done my usual search of potters with these initials in my database and haven’t been able to find any likely contenders. Hopefully someone will come by who recognises the distinctive style or mark.



  1. Hi Judith,
    sorry not to be able to help.
    Just wanted to post a photo of what happens when op-shopping for pottery has been almost too fruitful. I recently looked after a farm in country Victoria. During my stay of 15 days I visited various op shops in about a 25 mile radius. I collected over seventy pieces, some of them by amateurs – all selected with a view of aesthetics and with no damage to the items if at all possible. Some great finds amongst them, too.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Vera, Wow, what a wonderfully productive holiday! if you upload your photo to a photo hosting service like Picasa or flickr (there are lots of others but these are the ones I use), you can cut and paste code here to insert an image. The hosting service will explain how.

  2. Oh, wow, what a haul! To put a thumbnail of the image in your reply, on the right hand side of the picasa photo page you should see a ‘Link to this photo’ link. Click on it and you will have two options: ‘Link’ and ‘Embed image’. Click on the Embed image text to copy it and paste it into your reply here. I can’t see these links on your image page but I can on my own image pages. Here’s one of mine:

    From Christmas

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