Mystery potter #44: ‘SP’ ?

SP (?). Bowl.
SP (?). Bowl.Base

I am gradually photographing the platters and bowls stored in our gallery drawers and adding them to the online catalogue. As I turn out each drawer, I keep being surprised at what interesting pieces are concealed there.

This grey stoneware serving bowl has a nicely beveled foot and rim. I like the way the spiral inside the unglazed foot ring is echoed around the base and the rim is bounded on the exterior by a fine ridge.

The body has been stained with oxide and half decorated with glaze-over-glaze decoration that drips over the rim. In the centre, a spray of metallic black looks like a rocky mountain tor emerging from misty clouds against a red-brown sky dotted with yellow clouds – or at least that is how I see it. David would describe it in terms of volumes and voids.

The maker’s mark – ‘SP’ ? – is incised on the base. Now all I need is someone to tell me who this is.



  1. Judith, I noticed that the way the SP is designed is very similar to one you have by Springmount Pottery. The only thing missing is the diamond shape around it.


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