Mystery potter #43: Paul Wynn

Paul Wynn. Bottle. 1978-80Paul Wynn. Bottle. 1978-80. Base

This delicate stoneware bottle was made by Paul Wynn between 1978 and 1980 while he was head of the Sturt Pottery at Mittagong. It is impressed ‘PW’ on the base, and also has the Sturt Pottery seal. Only 17 cm high, the oxide-stained body swells out from the foot and returns to a slender tenmoku neck.  Eight impressed circles around the shoulder correspond to  eight gourd-like indentations in the body.

David and I both really like this piece, and it has made us want to find out more about its maker. It seems strange for someone who was head of Sturt Pottery for three years to be a mystery potter but, at least for us, such is the case.

Postscript: Paul Wynn’s sister has let us know (see below) that he is now living in Newcastle where he still works as a potter, mostly in a teaching role.


  1. Hello,
    Paul Wynn is my brother and he is still living in Australia but has now moved up to Newcastle! He is the most talented potter and has continued to do pottery over the years but mostly in a teaching role! I would be happy to email him for you and see if you can touch base with him. Best Wishes Vanessa Boon

    1. Hi Vanessa, Paul helped me set up the Billingshurst Pottery in Sussex, England back in the 1970s. Having just used one of his bottle vases, I wondered how he and Ruth were getting on in Oz. Does he ever visit here in England?
      Kind regards
      Les Farris

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