Mystery potter #41: Ray Blaber

Rod Blakey (?). BowlRod Blakey (?). Bowl. Base

This is one of a set of six bowls that we bought at an Australian Craft Show in Canberra in the mid 1990s. They have a glossy all-over ivory glaze. The rims are hand-painted blue and the interior is marbled in feathery shades of pink and blue, creating a natural lightscape effect.

I am ashamed to say that, although we spent some time talking to the potter, we have forgotten his name. The forms used for the bowls and dishes that we have seen are simple and the production method, with the base fully glazed, reminds me of work from the 1950s and 1960s. Some pieces also have gold rims, adding to the retro feel. By contrast, the lightscapes which so attracted David’s eye when we bought the bowls are delicate, painterly and timeless.


This is Ray Blaber, a potter based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria who produced and edited a video on hand building called Clay Play [Montrose, Vic. : Kookaburra Video Productions (Victoria), c1985].

One comment

  1. Whoever the potter is, it’s rather lovely. I’m not normally a blue person but the blue rim sets it off that beautifully. I must say though that the lightscape on this one – lovely as it is – looks like it was inspired by a shellfish, like, say, a mussel.

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