Almost all of the roads in our village are gravel, lending it a rural charm, and our cars a thin layer of dust. Graders come in twice a year to smooth out the ruts, but sometimes this is not enough.  Steady rain here has made our road slick with clay, and this morning it had to be closed after our neighbour’s truck got bogged on the way out.  We are hoping for quick repairs as soon as the rain eases. Meantime we can still be reached on foot!



  1. We have just returned from a long weekend in Beechworth where we did experience some heavy rain – and decided to come home the long way via Tangambalanga (sp?), Corryong, Kiandra etc …. The green was amazing but particularly so was all the water lying around the Tangambalanga-Tallangatta area. All this is a long way of saying I understand and hope your access situation resolves itself soon …

  2. I have just discovered your blog/web- v.happy now! I am a new artist who likes studio pottery (to draw not make) and am having the devil of a job getting an i.d. of some of the pots I have. I have already gathered tons of info via you – thank you – keep the posts coming. Am in S.A. by the way and seems there is and was a bit of a pottery thing happening here. And of course we claim the fabulous Jeff Mincham..

    PS. have a few crazy and some plain old just nice pots with signatures as yet undiscovered if you are interested. I can send you pics if you like.

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