Gearing up for season 2

Featured potters - Season 2

The sign goes out on the road again for our second season on Friday 3 September. Behind the scenes we have been hard at work during our winter break, packing away the old display and preparing the new exhibition.

This season in the main gallery we will be featuring the work of Victor Greenaway from his early days at Ian Sprague’s Mungeribar Pottery to the present day.  We have also put together displays of works by Les Blakebrough  and  Jenny Orchard, including a number of new acquisitions.   Rather than packing away last year’s featured potter, Christopher Sanders, we have moved the display to the downstairs foyer and added more pieces from the collection.

Illustrated in the picture above are Jenny Orchard: vase 1997, Christopher Sanders: bottle c.1981,Victor Greenaway: bottle 1970, Les Blakebrough: charger, 1984.

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