Winter break

Recent acquisitions
Last week David and I took advantage of our winter break for a trip away. We had business to do in both Sydney and Melbourne, so we decided to make it a round trip, with a stopover in Canberra to visit family.  We visited a number of galleries along the way, picking up old purchases and leaving a small trail of new red dots in our wake.

Highlights were getting a preview of the John Kuczwal lustre fired ceramics exhibition at Sturt, seeing our John Perceval ramekins at Shepparton Gallery, handling pieces hot from the kiln at Tony Barnes’ Moonshine Pottery at Malmsbury, stumbling on a cabinet full of Petrus Spronk bowls in a corridor at the Convent Gallery in Daylesford, finding the Greg Daly exhibition still open at Skepsi, discovering a Peter Harris at the Chapel St Bazaar, and seeing Wilsons Promontary from Zak Chalmers’ Valley Plains Pottery at Leongatha South on our way home.

We arrived home with a car full of boxes that I am still unpacking and cataloguing, and two cats delirious at finding themselves home again after a week boarding at Brogo. Illustrated in the picture above are works by Tony Barnes, Zak Chalmers, Andrew Cope, Peter Harris and Ray Rogers now added to our collection.


  1. Great trip! Love the chapel st bazaar- spent alot of time there lately.. Also saw the Greg Daly exhibition at Skepsi which was just to die for..

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