Christine Ball | Pattern Maker

Christine Ball is holding an exhibition of recent work entitled Christine Ball | Pattern Maker at the Maitland Regional Gallery from  29 May – 18 July 2010, opening 3:00 pm Sunday 30 May.


  1. .. how fortunate one can be to visit a gallery and find a ceramist like Christine Ball creating a blaze of shape, colour and imagination .. platters, bowls, bottles, dishes fill the room with each piece displaying its own uniqueness but each contributing to the entire image .. think Escher, think snakes & ladders, think Strzelecki Ranges, think quilts but above all think bright colours >>> think Christine Ball .. and credit must must be given to the curator in the way that the small plates have been arranged around the walls ..

  2. What a fantastic exhibition – who would have thought pottery plates could make such a stunning statement on a wall! I would have loved to have bought at least a dozen of the small plates to display in a similar fashion, but contained myself and placed my ‘red sold sticker’ on only three.
    I had previously visited Christine’s gallery in Uralla and had been impressed with her work, but didn’t make the connection until I noticed it mentioned on this blog.
    The exhibit at MRAG ends this Sunday – so pop in before then if you get a chance.

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