Mystery potter #36: ‘CK’

CK (?). Four-sided platter
CK (?). Four-sided platter. Base

We have two pieces by the same unidentified maker possibly from the same exhibition. One is this slab-built four-sided dish with three feet, the other a large hand-thrown bowl.

David and I have concluded, after much study and for want of a better guess, that the signature on both pieces reads ‘CK 91’.

I’ve done the usual checks of CK potters in my database, and I also browsed through Pottery in Australia and Craft Art International for 1991 and 1992, to see if similar work had been exhibited around that time.

Doing so made me realise just how much interesting work was being made during this period. As Karen Weiss notes (“the ’90s“, Pottery in Australia, 40 #3  Sep 2001), this was a decade characterised by immense diversity as artists working in clay strove for an individual style.

Our pieces are certainly distinctive. The shallow parabolic shape of the dish with its curved sides and matt grey colour provides an effective frame for the abstract design. Yet it also works within the bowl, where the thin walls and everted shape make the interior a circular surface of ambiguous depth.


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