Gallery news

Counter. Australian Pottery at Bemboka

It seems only yesterday that we decided to aim for a September opening, and now here we are.  The counter for our gallery was installed last week and suddenly everything sprang into focus.  For the first time, it really looked like a gallery, and not just a large empty room in our new house.

We’ve arranged pieces from our collection in thematic groups on furniture made for us by local joiner Michael Helmreich.  I’ve ordered brown paper bags with string handles and cream-coloured tissue paper for wrapping. A rather intimidating EFTPOS machine is sitting on the top of the counter.We have an entry on the Sapphire Coast Tourism website and our flyers have been printed and are in the mail.

All of the works on display in the gallery have also been added to our online catalogue. Or at least, they should all be there by 10.00 am on Friday. I am still busy taking photographs, making labels, swapping things around on the shelves, and sending David off to the storage container with provisions and a water bottle to rummage around in unopen boxes for just the right piece.

Our hours will be September to May, Friday| Saturday |Sunday | Monday, 10am to 5pm or by appointment. This means we will be opening our doors to visitors for the first time on Friday.



  1. Congratulations and best wishes! I can’t wait to visit. It must be very exciting to have your gallery open – I have been watching your progress with interest through this website.

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