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A recent comment on one of my posts from a Turin-based potter, inviting readers to visit his new blog, comes at an interesting time, with the Australian Ceramics discussion list talking about a web presence as one of the ways for potters to promote themselves and their works to potential buyers. The discussion list is till talking mainly about websites, but blogs are now emerging as an effective way of bringing work to new markets. The start-up cost and effort is much less and it is a nice, informal way of building up relationships with fellow makers and potential buyers on the Internet, even for potters who already have a website.

Shannon Garson, who is writing a blog for the Australian Ceramics Triennale to be held in Sydney next month, has recently posted an entry on her own blog encouraging artists to blog, and  another on how to get started.  There will also be a panel on this subject at the Triennale.  I’ve been bookmarking Australian pottery blogs in my delicious account as I find them. The numbers are still not large,  but I expect that there will be a burgeoning of new blogs over the next twelve months, and a need to make sure that these are described and safekept as part of the artistic record.

For my bookmarks, I’m single-minded in my pursuit of Australian pottery blogs, but the blogosphere is full of interesting blogs by overseas potters and by artists working in other media. I feel surprisingly connected to this larger world when an artist comments on my blog, or adds it to their blog roll. While it is not entirely good behaviour to comment on another blog solely to promote your own, I was pleased to be visited by the Turin potter, and have just paid a visit in return.

My list of Australian pottery blogs is here:



  1. Hi Judith, I don’t know yet what pinging is, but now i know from your blog it is not allowed, so I hope I am not pinging right now. I have just stumbled upon your lovely blog, and am compiling a list of those I must alert to it, especially potter/ collector friends. Hey I should mention it on my own blog of course. Anyhow, loving it, and must go now for a further trawl. Thanks for the sharing.
    Elaine Bradley, emerging potter and student to be found at

    1. Hi Elaine, I’m not sure what pinging is either, but I’ve switched it on again, as it put your comment in the pending basket and I missed it. Thank you for visiting my blog and saying such nice things. I’ve just visited and bookmarked yours!

  2. It will not “entirely good behavior”, but is the only way to know who you are and not leave a comment anonymously. Now I know you and you know me this is what you said at the beginning of your post “talking about a web presence as one of the potters for ways to promote themselves and their works.” Sorry this is not a criticism you have not paid anything I have not paid anything, and for that I am happy.
    affectionately, Ciao filippo
    P.S. My English is terrible

    1. Hi Filippo, I’m glad that you responded. I face the same dilemna myself when I make comments in other forums. I want to promote my gallery but also to be part of a network of people interested in contemporary ceramics. I think that the answer is to include one’s web address in comments, while making sure that the comment itself is about the topic being discussed. It is a fine distinction, and I am really pleased to be able to engage in this dialogue with a Turin potter!

  3. Ciao Judith, is the proper way to dialogue, not just a surface contact or a Blablabla by reality show, but to share their experiences, their needs or their doubts in a wider debate.
    Now You know that in Turin has opened a window to communicate.Is a pleasure for me too.

  4. Hi I found your blog and thought I would say hello. I am a Tasmanian ceramic artist and I have been blogging for nearly two years now. Ceramics only forms a small part of my blog. I am pleased to have found your blog as Australian ceramic blogs and bloggers have been pretty scarce up until now. cheers Kim

    1. Hi Kim, thankyou for visiting my blog. I’ve just spent some time on yours and it sounds as though you have a lot of other things on your mind at the moment. I hope you are still able to lose yourself in clay. Regards, Judith

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