New website

Hiroe Swen. 'Fluidity of movement' and 'Ocean dwellers'

We have been in our new house for five months now, and we are enjoying the benefits of north-facing windows and double-glazing as winter sets in. While initially we had hoped to have the gallery open by March, we now plan to do so in September. This will give us three months more to set all the things in place that are needed to open a working gallery, including a counter, payment facilities, flyers and signage.

David assigned to me the task of setting up a new website for the gallery and this is now done. (I have added a link to it in the sidebar.) The aim of the website is to help people find the gallery and to see what is currently on exhibition there. I will continue to post entries here about known and mystery potters, and musings on other pottery-related matters that come to mind.

Our next priority is to decide what to display first from among the many thousands of pieces we have stockpiled over the last four years. Some of the themes that are starting to emerge are identified on the  exhibitions page on the website. The ‘tag cloud’ of names on this page is designed to reflect the diversity of makers in our collection, and the numbers of items we hold by each potter. I must admit to increasing the font size of some of the  names! We may only have a few pieces by Hiroe Swen, for instance, but they have a significant place in our collection.

The image shows two hand-made bottles with flattened profiles by Swen that we bought last year from Gallery East in North Fremantle. The one on the left (2o cm high) is called ‘Fluidity of movement’ and the one on the right (17 cm high)  ‘Ocean dwellers’. They are both marked Hiroe Swen (painted) and also impressed with her English and Japanese  seals.


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