Mystery potter #21: Norman Greenaway

This half-glazed stoneware bowl is signed ‘N Greenaway’ and impressed with the monogram ‘NG’. In my database I only have two Greenaway potters – Victor (about whom I have posted before) and Paul, a South Australian potter who graduated from Art School in Adelaide in 1974 and specialises in figurative ceramics.

N, Greenaway. Bowl N. Greenaway. Bowl. Impressed seal N. Greenaway. Bowl. Signature

Postscript: This is probably Noel Greenaway, Vic’s brother (see comment).

Postscript 2: Another pot by Vic’s brother on Facebook is confirmed to be by Norman Greenaway.

One comment

  1. I believe that it is Vic’s brother Noel. I remember reading one of Vic’s articles and that Noel taught ceramics in Melbourne somewhere? If I come across the item I will send more details. Regards Rick

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