Australian pottery at Bemboka

You may have been wondering what David and I do with all the pottery we own. The answer is that we live with pieces all around us. However, the pottery we have been buying second-hand in recent years mainly goes into storage after a short time on display. We have been stockpiling it as part of a master plan to retire to the country and set up a gallery devoted to Australian Pottery, 1960s to date.

Australian Pottery at Bemboka

Next week we embark on the next stage of our lives by moving to Bemboka, the ‘village in a valley’ at the foot of Brown Mountain on the way to the NSW south coast. This is a picture of our virgin block after the cows had stopped grazing on it. The builders have now started work and we hope to open the gallery in early 2009. Meantime we are renting a house nearby.

When we tell people our plans most ask if we are potters ourselves. The answer is no. We love pottery and marvel at how it was produced. We admire the strength and industry of potters and the level of technical knowledge and skill needed to bring their ideas to fruition. But neither of us has ever felt ‘the call to clay’.


House, 27 December 2008

We moved into our wonderful new house on 21 December, 2008, and we are now in the process of fitting out the gallery and establishing a garden.


  1. Thank goodness for you and David. the arts community in Australia needs supporters and you guys not only collect but see it as your mission to disseminate knowledge. Good Luck with your magnificent dream!

  2. I simply cannot tell you how pleased I am that you and David have taken the decision to build a gallery to house and display your collection of Australian studio pottery.


    Damon Moon

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