Mystery potter #14: Kirkpatrick

kirkpatrick. Hand built bottle

This small (13 cm high) bottle has been hand built using folds of clay. The roughly textured and stained body looks like weathered rock and the shape is irregular and flattened on one side. The perfectly turned and glazed tenmoku neck thus comes as a surprise. Inscribed on the base is the name ‘Kirkpatrick’.

I like this pot so much that I’ve used it in the header to my blog. It reminds me of turned pieces of wood that I’ve seen with the body left unworked to expose the naturally occurring form. Only in this case, the clay took this shape after it had been formed by the potter and it became rock after it had been fired.

I’d be interested to see more work by this potter, whose name I haven’t been able to find in any of the published sources.


  1. This could be an early piece by Peter Travis, or by NZ potter Len Castle. I have a similar piece by Len.

  2. it’s the other image that interests me.
    i have a weirdly shaped pot with a similar neck. it is marked but it defeats me.

    by the by i got a derek smith demijohn this morning at a market in sydney.


    love the work you’ve done


  3. I have two pottery pieces by this artist that are very similar to yours. Be interesting to find out who the artist is. The artist signature seems to read ‘N’ or ‘M’ Kirkpatrick. I received these pottery pieces off my Grandmother who owned an art gallery up until the early 90’s.

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